Written and directed by Claudio Cardelli 
Editing: Alessia Travaglini 
Music: Francesco Cardelli, Riccardo Cardelli 
Photography: Claudio Cardelli 
Produced by Claudio Cardelli, Geo & Geo (Rai 3) 
Year: 2013
A documentary film by Claudio Cardelli. 
Tra Valli e Picchi: Viaggio nell'India del Nord (Among Peaks and Valleys: travelling in Northern India)
The film material is the result of five trips in Northern India from 2007 to 2011. The routes (nearly 6000 km) have been crossed by train and bus but mostly riding a motorcycle, a Bullet 500 of indian manufacture with its unchanged characteristics for over 50 years.
The film runs through the valleys of the Ganges, the Bias, the Indus, the Bagirati, in search of Hindu shrines in the mountains of Garhwal, the sacred cities located at the confluence of the rivers, the Buddhist monasteries of Ladakh and Spiti up to the mosques of the turbulent Kashmir. 
Among Peaks and Valleys is a kind of pilgrimage, it's a journey a bit mystical and a bit nostalgic of an old traveller through the major religions of the subcontinent of India; but the documentary investigates also the heart of popular festivals, traditions and ceremonies that change rapidly, both in the liturgy and in terms of content as well as a change of the ethnic groups, languages​​, customs of the people living between the high valleys of the Himalayas' area where it is most developed in width up to over 700 km.
Those, until recently, were still closed remote valleys are now accessible by rugged mountain roads with crossings over 5000 meters in height. The new India, which began to build the first vehicular Himalayan road after its independence and at beginning of the 60s, is now planning futuristic tunnels that will cut out very soon these historic steps. 
Among Peaks and Valleys is a colorful fresco of what remains of that India which has fascinated both adventurous, romantic Kipling and the first hippies then.