It was during an Erasmus programme experience in England at the University of Cumbria and after attending the Cinema and Animation specialization course at the ISA Scuola del libro di Urbino (ISA Art Institute of Urbino), that the technique of moving images and its role in the Film and Animation first appealed to Alessia. Since then, she went on researching ways to explore that world as a powerful form of communication.
Eternal traveler and experimenter her artistic activity moves through different mediums of expression such as drawing, photography and video installations. 
In 2005 she started to work with video and animation and in 2006 her first animated short film “The Choice” won the National Prize of Arts (Digital Art section) in Italy, then in 2009 she worked with the video artist ConiglioViola for the “Concerto senza titolo" (Untitled Concert) theatre play, performed by the magic voice of Antonella Ruggiero. During 2010 she took part in the traveling human rights project called "This is not a plate" produced by the London art house Moving Universe Productions and one year later, she won the MITICI Milano Talenti Creativi competition and created the hand draw animated short film "Silenziosa-Mente", a work praised and awarded in the international panorama of animation and cinema.
From 2014 to 2018 she worked with Simone Massi as Layout Supervisor, 2D/3D animator and VFX artist for several animations and documentaries, including the documentary film Samouni Road by Stefano Savona awarded as best documentary in Cannes 2018. 
Since 2016 she lives and works in Paris.