XDANISINNI is an editorial and artistic collective workshop conceived by Xrivista for the Danisinni neighborhood, in collaboration with Insieme per Danisinni and Rambla Papireto. Five young artists immerse themselves in local’s stories from the past and present, the impetus for five artistic projects.
Anne Marie Sampaio
Laura Lafon & Esteban Gonzalez
Alessia Travaglini
"What is the Elixir of Danisinni? It's a collective work that aims to create an immersive theatre play set in a poetic and surreal urban landscape, which has no equal in the world: the Danisinni district of Palermo."
POZIONI E VISIONI (Poisons and visions)
a reportage drawing of "L'elisir di Danisinni" opera
An elixir of love and its mysterious poison, a reportage to write and draw. The magical garden of Danisinni and his chorus meet the theatrical work produced by Teatro Massimo, and the vision of my gaze tells it through sketches and illustrations.