Concerto Senza Titolo

Production Company: ConiglioViola, Fondazione del Teatro Stabile di Torino
Director: Brice Coniglio
Singer: Antonella Ruggiero
Violinist: Vanessa Castellano
Dancer: Raffaele Irace
AD, Stage Direction: Alessia Travaglini
Videostars: Manuela Aiassa, Matteo Martini, Lazar Marin Ionut, Andrea Lauda, Simone Gaydou, Tania Oggero, Paola Fiorido, Raffaele Irace, Xena Zupanic
Orchestration: Ivan Ciccarelli, Roberto Colombo, Matteo Curallo, Alessandro Siani, Luca « Vicio » Vicini
Videos: ConiglioViola, Alessia Travaglini, Michelangelo Fornaro, Fabio Ballario, Valerio Calzolaro
Costume Design: Monica Di Pasqua, Federica Genovesi, Lucrezia Giuliano
Year: 2009 premiere at Festival Prospettiva 09, 2012 at Artefiera Off, 2016 at Focara Festival

Concerto Senza Titolo (Untitled Concert) – the new theatrical show by ConiglioViola and Antonella Ruggiero – is a poetical investigation on the greatest taboo of contemporary culture: Death. This reticence is particularly evident in a field of our culture that has always been one of the main centers of interest in ConiglioViola’s research: Pop Culture.

In High Fidelity Nick Hornby wrote : “ There aren’t really any pop songs about death— not good ones, anyway ”.
This statement of fact immediately became a challenge for us. Not only we have looked for some good songs about death, but – to make the challenge even more exciting – we have chosen only Italian songs.

The electronic orchestration gives to these classical songs a new contemporary fit. On the stage the songs are executed by Antonella Ruggiero suspended inside a skirt installation that makes her 3 meters tall. The choice of using classical instruments (like the string quartet) in their electric version is related to the concert theme, to the idea of dematerialization. Each musical execution is accompanied by the projection of videos created by ConiglioViola and screened through the utilization of new technologies, such as holographic projections. The use of these very new systems of projection is related to the concept of the project because consents us to materialize, on the stage, ghosts and spirits.