L’Étoile manquante

Production Company: Lardux Films, Maur Films, Marmita Films
Written and directed by 
Loïc Malo
Chefs opérateurs: Sara Sponga, Nadine Buss, Thomas Jacquet
Comédiens: Thomas Blanchet, Maud Brethenoux, Camille Latteux, Vincent Launay
Animation: Petr Charvát, Martina Chwistková, Daniel Handák, Miroslava Gomolcáková, Pavla Bastanová, Martin Búri
Special Effects: Clément Courcier, Matthieu Foulet, Quentin Letout
Editing: Marc Boyer
Music: Sylvain Vanot
Year: 2019

The last conscious moments of Stalin, the solitary tyrant who believes himself immortal. An evocation of the mental chaos of the Little Father of the People who was suffering from delusions of persecution and untold power during the three days of his death throes.

A Lardux Films, Maur Films, Marmita Films coproduction, with the participation of Arte, CNCCzech Film Center, Region Nouvelle Aquitaine, Région Centre – Ciclic.

I worked as VFX Compositor on mouth animation lip sync at Lardux Films.