The keys of the Cadou house

Production Company: Picofilms
Written, Directed and Edited by Alessia Travaglini
Poem: René Guy Cadou
Sound Design: Alessia Travaglini
Year: 2021

Where are the keys of my childhood ?

The keys of the Cadou house / Les clés de la maison Cadou is a tribute to the poet René Guy Cadou and his home/museum in Louisfert, where I lived for two months during my artist residency program of writing ‘Poetic Vision’ and where I was during the second national French lockdown. In his house there where keys everywhere, he collected them, and I felt the poet’s presence and his poetic vision through his keys.

The Artist in Residence Program ‘Poetic Vision’ was organized by the Communauté de Communes Châteaubriant-Derval (Loire-Atlantique French Region) and supported by DRAC Pays de la Loire, the French Ministry of Culture and Picofilms.

FINALIST Sardinia Film Festival 2022
FINALIST La poesia che si vede – international competition for poetry films 2023
Festival Angaelica 2021
Motus Imago – Showcase of Shapes, Puppets and Moving Things 2021
Festival Ciné-Jeune de l’Aisne 2022
/SI:N/ Video Arts and Performance biennale 2022
ANIMAPHIX International Animated Film Festival 2022
LIFANIMA – Lagos International Festival of Animation 2022
Starling Short Film Festival 2022
Piccolo Festival Animazione 2022
Ribalta Animata 2023