WELCOME HOME – AR poster exhibition

1 – 26 April 2024

In November 2023 an open call was held to gather illustrators, animators and artists to participate in the ‘Welcome Home’ animated poster exhibition. The moving posters were part of the 2024 KABOOM Animation Festival and the Illustration Embassy exhibition “Home, A Sense of Belonging”, and will also find a place in libraries across the Netherlands. The talented illustrators, animators and artists that will be showing their work at the “Welcome Home” Animated Poster Exhibition are: Lemmy Hoogendoorn, Cristina Pecherle, Dasha Starostin, Tonke Koppelaar, Free Verhoeven, Renée Kortenoever, Janka Sára Balázs, Gaja Jenko Mihelic, Alessia Travaglini, Nadège Jankowicz, Saskia den Hartigh, Silvia Celiberti, Ines Pagniez, Britt Raes, Carlyn Westerink, Emilia Schettino, Linda Vuorenvirta, Lee Teng Poh.


12 April – 26 May 2024?

This brand new exhibition is dedicated to the intersections of animation and illustration. In collaboration with guest curator Yvonne van Ulden, the Illustration Embassy provides a platform for interdisciplinary artists such as Min Liu, Douwe Dijkstra, Daan Botlek, Loreta Isac, Jasmijn Visser, Loulou João, Jasper Rietman, and Bouda Dola.?
While animators typically work with sequences of images, illustrators usually communicate with a single image. Although the disciplines are related, they also have their own core and a different way of working.