Love is potatoes

Production Company: Zeppers Films
Written and directed by Aliona van der Horst
Animations by Simone Massi
2D Animators: Simone Massi, Julia Gromskaya, Alessia Travaglini, Anna Ferrandes, Laura Fuzzi
Cinematography: Aliona van der Horst, Maasja Ooms e.o.
Editor: Maasja Ooms, Aliona van der Horst
Sound: Tim van Peppen, Vova Rizun
Sound design: Marc Lizier, Stefano Sasso
Year: 2017

Dutch filmmaker Aliona van der Horst is given an inheritance of 6 square meters of a small, wooden house in a village outside Moscow. She embarks on a journey back into the secrets of her mother’s Russian past.

A Zeppers Films production in coproduction with Zeno Film and VPRO. This film was supported by The Netherlands Film Fund, The Dutch Cultural Media Fund, CoBO Fund, Wilhelmina E. Jansen Fonds, Abraham Tuschinski Fonds.

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