Cinema Grattacielo

Production Company: Associazione culturale Condominium of Rimini, Rai Cinema, Altreforme of Udine e AAMOD (archivio audiovisivo del movimento operaio e democratico) of Rome
Written and directed by
 Marco Bertozzi
Editing: Ilaria Fraioli
Image: Marco Bertozzi (with the contribution of Simone Felici, Davide Montecchi, Massimo Salvucci, Francesco Scarpa)
Animation, Compositing: Alessia Travaglini
Skyscraper voice:
 Ermanno Cavazzoni
Music: Giorgio Fabbri Casadei (with the special participation of Ranzgen)
Sound mixing: Clovis Gouaillier
Color correction: Mauro Vicentini
Year: 2017

Cinema Grattacielo is a documentary film about the Skyscraper of Rimini. A crossing of glances on a vertical city that stands out in the Adriatic skyline, a tower of Babel that pulsates, houses cohabitations, embodies imaginary. A symbol of the city, like other historic sites (from the Tiberius Bridge to the Arch of Augustus, from the Malatesta Temple to the Fellini‘s spots, such as the Grand Hotel and the Cinema Fulgor), the Rimini Skyscraper welcomes historic residents and young couples, chinese traders and African hawkers, freelancers and tourism workers, visual artists and university students.