This is not a Plate

Production Company: Moving Universe Productions
Director: Alessia Travaglini
Producer: Sacha gMullins
Starring: the World
AD: Riccardo Cardelli
Photos, Animation, Editing, Post production: Alessia Travaglini
Music: Riccardo Cardelli
Voice over: Riccardo Cardelli
Year: 2010
MY HERO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL – 2nd Place Winner (Experimental category)
ANIMAZING SPOTLIGHT – Nominee for Best Non-Narrative Animation
SHORTSNONSTOP – Top Ten Finalist
« This is a short film describing a ceramic art installation and education project for the preservation of languages, SEL, human rights and universal responsibility. It looks at words we have in common that unite people around the world through their simultaneous presentation in 35 languages, on 35 decorated plates, by ceramic artists from Nove, Italy. These are plates with visible and veiled messages for human rights that call out to a private and collective memory. They and all they represent, want only one and the same thing: they want to be remembered. Alessia Travaglini has used stop motion with mixed media to create a visual world that describes our sameness with compassion and dark verve. »
Sacha gMullins (Moving Universe)
« This rocked my world. Anybody that thinks this sort of animation is basic or easy to do is kidding themselves. The pacing was spot-on for the length of the spot, the fluidity of the animation was great (considering the technique involved) and never waivered throughout the piece. It was full of lovely visual variations on the basic theme that really helped maintained interest and the style & visuality of the animation really played strongly into the actual message of the piece. »
Malcolm Turner
« Collage animation tends to osmosis its message into the viewer. In watching This Is Not A Plate I got the brotherhood aspect, and the environmental concern. Brilliant, the way the materials used seemed to connect with recyclable materials. »
Lennie Graves
« A sweet PSA film. Nice rhythm to the collage technique. »
Sharon Wu 
« It’s not a cigar either (Magritte). I did not get any of the context of the piece because I saw it out of its context, but I was immediately taken by its interesting collage animation and its well-chosen music. There is a unique talent blossoming here. »
Frank Mouris